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Objective: Senior Usability Specialist/Usability Team Lead


-2000-2009 MOTOROLA

Senior Human Factors Specialist:

2004-2009: Cell phone usability and ergonomics, including design, testing and analysis. Usability testing of touch UIs; Subjective quality of camera-phone imaging. Perceived display size; Perceived display and keypad brightness; Predicting hand grip from device design characteristics;

2000-2002: Wireless multi-modal & speech applications: Task flow, dialogue design, text-to-speech & voice recognition usability; Software applications: Task flow, interaction design, prototyping, usability testing, analysis and recommendations for UI improvement; Survey design/administration; statistical analysis; Textual data mining analysis of verbatims.

-1990-2000 AMERITECH

Senior Member of Technical Staff:

Human Factors GUI/Web site design and software usability testing; Process modeling, simulation & optimization; Document restructuring via card sorting & cognitive mapping. Video application usability: Video conferencing, quality of compressed video, web-cams, distance learning, video-on-demand, videophones; CSCW/Groupware; Ergonomic analysis of workspace & seating.


Distinguished Member of Technical Staff:

GUI design and Human Factors evaluation of: Hospital information & medical office systems; Graphic displays for network monitoring and control; UIs for centralized analysis, maintenance and control systems; Designed and directed research on optimal formats for business data graphics displays; color and data graphics in user-computer interfaces.


Ph.D. in Psychology

University of Oregon

B.A. in Psychology

University of California, Berkeley


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