Short Biography

Bob was most recently employed as a Senior Human Factors Specialist at Motorola, where he worked on cell phone usability design, testing and analysis. His work included assessing the subjective size & qualiity of cell phone displays and the perceived quality of pictures produced by cell phone imaging systems. Other work included determining minimal needed keypad lighting levels and assessing the subjective effects of uniform & non-uniform lighting. In 2008, Bob developed a method of predicting how users hold cell phones -- information useful for antenna placement and design. Previously at Motorola, Bob worked on speech recognition, multimedia and multimodal applications for cell phones. From 1990-2002, Bob was a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Ameritech Human Factors Group, where he worked on GUI/Web design and usability assessment, the subjective quality of compressed entertainment video and the usability of telephony applications.

Bob did his undergraduate work at Cal Berkeley, and received his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Oregon in 1970. He was an Assistant Professor at Columbia University (1971-1978) before joining AT&T Bell Labs (1978-1990). At Bell Labs, Bob was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and worked on the human factors of computer interface design on a wide variety of platforms and application areas, including medical information systems, and conducted research on the display of quantitative data.

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