Warrens Living Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
The associated spreadsheet is a compilation of information on individuals and families with the surname Warren (or similar) who lived near Pittsburgh, PA from the 18th to the early 20th century.

I gathered the information in my search for relatives of my great-great grandfather Hugh Warren, who was born in Pittsburgh around 1830. Hugh worked as a miner and coal hauler. He fought with the 101st Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War. Hugh lived on Thompson's Run near Dravosburg with his family -- his wife Elizabeth (nee Solanger or Zuelenberg), and children Elizabeth , Jacob, Catherine, John and Alonzo. Hugh's sisters Nancy & Mary kept house for him at various times.

If you find incorrect information or if you have additional information you would like to see incorporated in the spreadsheet, please e-mail me at rewarren@ameritech.net
The fields in the spreadsheet are:

Name: First Name
Sex: M or F
ID#: Lines with the same ID are, I believe the same person
Family: Each family I could identify has an ID#
Early BY: The earliest year the person could have been born given the record information
Late BY: The latest year the person could have been born given the record information
Deathyear: Year of death if known
Household#: An ID for each household
Rel Name 1: Name of head of household for the individuals family
Rel Name 2: Name of another adult (e.g., spouse) in the household
Location: The location specified in the record
Record Date: Date the information was created. For census records just the year is shown.
Age: Individual's age at the time the record was created.
Record Type: The type of record (church entry, census, cemetery, etc.)
Surname: Usually Warren, but some varients -- also includes household members of different name
Occupation: As given in the record.
Birthplace: As given in the record.
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